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Within the British Association for Martial Arts, grades are something that we take great pride in. 

Grading Rights

All Black Belts (shodan or over, or equivalent) have the right to awards grades up to and including 3rd kyu (or equivalent).

Nidan/2nd degree Black Belts (or equivalent) have the right to award grades up to and including 1st kyu (or equivalent).

Sandan/3rd degree Black Belts (or equivalent) with over 1 year experience in their grade may apply to award Dan grades (or equivalent) as part of the Approved Grading Panel.

Grading of students/instructors to Nidan and above is undertaken by a British Association for Martial Arts technical panel convened around the needs of the candidate with the Technical Committee's governance.



The Technical Commitee:

The grading panel consists of any one or two of the following: Anthony Blades, Russell Stutely, Neil Ellison, Stuart Howe, John Burke



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