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The British Association for Martial Arts provides it's members with Insurance, it's instructors with Professional Indemnity, and it's clubs with Grading Examination Panels.

Please email us or call 01626 360999 for prices of Insurance and levels of cover.

B.A.M.A. members receive discounted tuition at our seminars.

Grading Books and Licences are available.  The price to members is 29 for a First licence and currently 22 annual renewal.  The proportion of the fee that is remitted to B.A.M.A. is in the Information for Instructors pack.

B.A.M.A. badges are available.  Club Members may wear their own club badge on their chest and the association badge on their right shoulder, or they may wear the association badge on their chest.  Instructors may specify.  It is highly recommended that B.A.M.A. Black Belts (and equivalent) wear a B.A.M.A. badge.

Examination Panel.

B.A.M.A. clubs award grades based on the syllabus that is submitted to B.A.M.A.  The B.A.M.A. examiners must be present for all Dan Gradings and equivalent conducted by member clubs.  B.A.M.A. examiner panels are made up of any one or two of the following: Anthony Blades, Stuart Howe, Neil Ellison, John Burke, Craig Downing, Paul March, Richard Carrick, Lee Warren, Jim Harvey.

kyu grading is generally undertaken at club level.  A Shodan instructor is at liberty to grade members up to and including 2nd kyu.  A Nidan instructor may grade their own members up to and including 1st kyu.  We recommend that clubs charge 25 for kyu grading.

Dan gradings and their equivalent are important events and Association recognition is granted after successful examination.  Our exam is not a "20 minute" experience, but a careful analysis over a long period of time and the Day-long or Two-day technical examination.

Dan (or equivalent) Grading Fees:

Shodan 100  awarded by two sandan examiners or above

Nidan 200 awarded by two yondan examiners or above

Sandan 300 awarded by one rokudan and one godan examiner or two godan examiners minimum

Yondan 400 (this may be waived for members of long standing) awarded by two rokudan examiners or above

Godan 500 (this may be waived for members of long standing) awarded by two rokudan examiners or above

Rokudan, Nanadan, Hachidan and higher are awarded by the BAMA after examination by a panel of peers constructed on a case-by-case basis

Please note: the grading fee is a one-off cost, and covers attendance at any course that the grading is a constituent of, also.  There are no "re-take" fees.  If you are not able to pass then you are not charged for subsequent attempts at grading.

Only Examiners are allowed to grant Dan grade status.  Wearing a Black Belt is a sign of technical ability, not necessarily teaching ability.  The experience and judgement of the Examiners is based on their knowledge and permission to join the Examination Panel is only granted after careful consideration.


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